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What is Packers and Movers ?

In the Difficult Time of Shifting Your House, Office, Shop etc You need Some Support. Packers and Movers Provides you that Support to Carry Your Goods from One Place to Another Place. Main Functions that Includes Packers and Movers Services are Packing of Goods, Loading it in to a Container, Move the Goods to the Destination, Unload it and Unpack it as it was earlier.

Moving of Goods may be Within City or City to City. Packers and Movers Company Charges for the Services depends on Various Factors. Some of the Companies also Provide Air & Ocean Shipping Services for Relocation. Only Think You need to Do is that You should Find the Company Which Provide Services You Need and Having Good Feedback from other Customers. Also Check Whether the Company is Listed or Having GST No. or Not.

Toppackersmovers.com Helps you to Find those "Packers and Movers Company" in Your City which Helps you to Relocate. You Need not to Purchase any Item to Pack Your Goods. They Take Care of Each Service Like Packing, Moving, Unpacking etc. Only Thing You need to Do is to Find Safe & Trusted Packers & Movers Near You. There are Many Fraud Packing and Moving Companies Available in Market. Be safe from those Packers and Movers Companies otherwise You may Loose Your Goods or They May Break you Goods.

What are the Services Provided by Packers and Movers Company ?

Services Provided by these companies are Endless. Main Services are Packing of Goods, Loading, Moving, Unloading, Office Relocation, Household Shifting, Door Delivery and Many More.

Types of Relocation Services in India

(1) Home Shifting Service

To Move Your Household Items Like Complete 1 BHK House, 2 BHK, 3 BHK etc You Need Help of Professional Packers.

(2) Office Shifting Service

If You want to Move your Office from one Place to Another than Your Goods Like AC, Tables, Chairs, Desktop, Printers etc. Carried by the Moving Company at reasonable Cost.

(3) Pet Moving Service

Some People also Need Help of these Type of Relocation Companies to Move their Pets like Dog Moving, Cat Moving, Parrot moving, Horse Moving etc.

(4) Domestic Relocation Service

Professional Packers Comes to your House to Pack Your Goods, Carry them to Their Office and Move them to Your Location by Different Mode of Transportation.

(5) Car Transportation Service

In this Service Your Car is Carried by Truck or Container from One Location to Your Destination Point with the help of Packers and Movers Company. Some Companies Transport the Car by Driving. Choice is Yours, Which Service You want to choose.

(6) Bike Transportation Service

They Helps You to Carry Your Bike from One Location to Another with Suitable Cost. For Long Distance move it is very Difficult to Carry Your Bike Along with you or without help of A Relocation Company.

(7) Storage Service | Warehouse Service

Sometimes You Visited Another Place for a few months and you need to Pay rent for your rental house. in this Case you May ask for the Storage Services to Store Yours Goods for Few months. 

Hire a Professional Relocation Company for Safe and Secure Shifting. Go for those Companies which Provide Relocation Service with Modern Techniques & Tricks.

How Much Packers and Movers Charges for Relocation and Other Services ?

Relocation Charges Depends on Various Factors. Some of the Important Factors Which Are Responsible for the Charges of Various Services by Packers and Movers Company are as Follows :

(1) Distance

(2) Quantity of Goods

(3) Cost of the Packing Material Used

(4) Manpower Used for Relocation

(5) Storage Facility

(6) Insurance on Goods

(7) Transportation Vehicle Used by the Company

(8) Time of Shifting

(9) Taxes (GST, Toll Tax etc.)

(10) Experience of the Company

(11) Installation , Unpacking, Assemble etc Services

Packers & Movers Charges in India for Local House Shifting

Moving Cost Factors Approx. Moving Cost
Household Items INR 1000 - 5000
Goods Packing Rs 1200 - 4000
Manpower Included INR 800 – 1200 for [1 BHK House] (2 Men), Rs 1600 – 2000 for [2 BHK House] (4 Men), INR 2000 – 2500 for [3 BHK House] (5 Men)
Additional Charges Rs 1200 – 1500 for AC Un-installation & Installation, INR 500 – 800 for Geyser, Rs 400 – 600 for TV mount, INR 50 - 200 for Storage

Distance House Shifting Charges in India [Costing Factors]

Factors of Moving Cost Approx. Moving Cost
Distance of Relocation Depends on KM to Move
Packing of Items INR 4000 - INR 8000
Items Unpacking Rs. 1000 - Rs. 2000
Manpower Used in Relocation INR 800 – 1200 [1 BHK] (2 People), Rs. 1600 – 2000 [2 BHK] (4 People), INR 2000 – 2500 [3 BHK] (5 People)
Taxes Include GST & Toll Tax etc.
Insurance Included 3% Tax on Declared Value of Goods
Additional Charges by Packers Movers Rs 1200 – 1500 for AC Installation and Un-installation, Rs 400 – 600 for TV Mount., INR 50 - 200 for Storage, Rs 3000 – 8000 for Vehicle Shifting, INR 8000 – 15000 for Car Shifting, Rs 2000 – 10000 for Pet Shifting, INR 500 – 800 for Geyser.

Approx. Local Shifting Charges by Relocation Company (Distance Based)

Moving Type Below 10 Km Between 11 - 25 Km From 26 to 40 Km Within 45 Km
House Shifting 1 BHK Rs 3000 - 5000 INR 4000 – 6500 Rs 7000 - 8500 INR 8000 - 10500
2 BHK House Relocation INR 4000 - 7000 Rs 6500 - 9500 INR 8500 - 11000 Rs 10000 - 13500
Moving of 3 BHK House Rs 6000 - 9000 INR 8000 - 10000 INR 9500 - 12500 Rs 12000 – 16500
4 BHK House Moving INR 8000 - 12000 Rs 12000 - 14500 INR 13500 -17500 Rs 15000 - 20500
Office Relocation/Moving Rs 6500 - 10000 INR 11000 - 18500 Rs 18000 - 26000 INR 25000 - 35000

Approximate Charges for Domestic/Distance Shifting

Type of Shifting Below 400 Km 400 to 799 Km 800 – 1299 Km 1300 to 1900 Km
Complete House Shifting Charges INR 10000 – 25000 Rs 13000 – 27000 INR 15000 – 30000 Rs 18000 – 35000
1 BHK House Shifting Charges INR 5000 – 15000 Rs 9000 – 20000 INR 10000 – 22000 Rs 11000 – 24000
2 BHK House Relocation Cost Rs 7000 – 19000 INR 10000 – 25000 Rs 12000 – 28000 INR 14000 – 33000
3 BHK Home Relocation Charges Rs 10000 – 25000 INR 11000 – 30000 Rs 13000 – 28000 INR 16000 – 34000
4 BHK House Relocation Charges INR 15000 – 28000 Rs 16000 – 33000 INR 20000 – 36000 Rs 26000 – 42000
Home Shifting + Car Carrier Costing INR 12000 – 26000 Rs 14000 – 30000 INR 16000 – 38000 Rs 19000 – 42000
Car Transportation Cost Rs 3000 – 5000 INR 4000 – 7000 Rs 5000 – 9000 INR 6000 – 10000
Few Office Items Moving Charges INR 7000 – 14000 Rs 9000 – 20000 INR 10000 – 25000 Rs 12000 – 30000
Complete Office Moving Cost Rs 11000 – 26000 INR 15000 – 30000 Rs 16500 – 33000 INR 18000 – 40000

City wise Charges of Relocation Company

Charges of Packing & Moving (City Wise) Approx. Cost of Moving
Packing and Moving Delhi Charges 5000 INR – 45000 INR
Pune Charges for Packing & Moving 6000 INR – 45500 INR
Movers and Packers Bangalore Charges 7000 INR – 43500 INR
Relocation Service Hyderabad Cost 5000 INR – 39000 INR
Packer and Mover Mumbai Charges 6500 INR – 43000 INR
Charges for Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad  5000 INR – 45000 INR

Do Movers and Packers Companies Pack Everything ?

Most of the Moving Companies Pack Everything at your House or Office. They Pack and Transport it to Your Destination Place. Some of the Company also Unpack and Rearrange your Goods. A Few company do not Pack Everything. They ask you to Pack your Personal & Valuable Items Yourself. Make It clear with company Prior Finalizing the Movers and Packers Company.

Things You Should Know Prior Hiring any of the Movers and Packers Company

Everyone Seeking for Professional Packers Near them Should Go through this. There may be a Lot of Fragile Items in Your Households that Needs a Special Packing and Handling. Find the One Who can Understand the item and Pack Accordingly. Main Purpose is to Move these Types of Goods Safely. Professional Packers May Help you in this Matter. So You need Following things in Mind to Choose Best Professional Packers Movers in your City :-

(1) Experience of the company Matters

Specialist is Said to One Company When They have Experience of Few Years. This is the Reason that Experience Matters. You Know Mishandling of Goods may Result in Breaking of Goods, This Happens Only When There is Lack of Experience. it Also Helps You to Check Professionalism of that Particular Moving or Relocation Company.

(2) Judge Professionalism of the Company

Check the Efficiency of the Company to Judge the Professionalism. For this Purpose You may also Observe the Packing Skills. A Professional Company Knows How to Manage Tight Schedule & Time with Fragile & Other Items Packing.

(3) Check Reliability of the Relocation Company

As You Know Moving Your Goods from One Location to Another is Not an Easy Task. Many Valuable things Available in Your Packing items and Need to move with Safety. So Therefore Reliability Matters in Every Service.

(4) Safety is Must While Relocation

Ask the Moving Company for Insurance of Your Goods. Check Whether the Company Handling All Items Carefully or Not. They Should Carry Proper Equipment to Pack and move your Goods.

(5) Accountability of the Relocation Company

This Factor plays a very Important Role. Those Company Which Take Responsibility for any Damage while Packing, Loading, Moving & Unloading may Consider as Trustworthy. Professional Packers and Movers always Have Accountability Policy for any kind of damage.